What if we could show you a way that you could have your own Affiliate Marketplace for a one time investment of $49.00 and a low monthly overhead of $19.95/month? No up-sales, no hidden fees ever, would you be interested? The obvious question is why wouldn’t you!

We Are A Network of Solutions

Simply put, we thrive on offering solutions for all of your personal, small business, community and entrepreneurial goals.

Welcome to the MyNetworkOne Affiliate Program, a simple, work from anywhere, online business built around the exploding “Online Shopping” phenomenon. This website was designed to give you a complete, transparent look at how this program can work for you and your family.

We want to start off by telling you we are not an MLM (multi-level marketing) program, and unlike most online offers, we are here to help you! That all starts with the ability to actually talk with a live representative from MyNetworkOne, not a call center, online chat, or email with the message “we will respond within 24 hours.” In fact, we are giving you our Affiliate hotline to our corporate office, 727-807-3359 upfront, so please call us with any questions you might have. Building any business that is going to have longevity starts with building a strong foundation, and our program is no different. We give you a simple turnkey program that requires as little as 4 hours a week that you can literally do from anywhere. The first 30 days are spent simply giving away FREE Savings Memberships that are linked to you. Encourage users to share with family and friends to start building exposure for your business. For those of you that want to get more exposure, we show you how to copy and paste ads to social media, blogs, websites, anywhere online that you have access. All of this is INCLUDED in our program plus you will receive access to our Social Media Hub. After 30 days, we will show you how to start promoting MNO Products including Tele-Medicine, Travel, Entertainment and Internet TV just to name a few.  These products pay monthly residual commissions while staying very competitive, if not the lowest price available, anywhere in the online market.

Everything we do is designed to help people save money or fulfill a need to make their lives better.
Rod Wortham President of My Network One, LLC

The Big Difference:

Our Affiliates never ask our members to buy anything extra only to save on the thing they were already going to buy. Finally, we have added a referral  affiliate program, so that anyone that has an entrepreneurial spirit can now generate revenue by not only helping people save money on things they were already going to buy and from merchants that they already buy from, but earn “Referral Income” by exposing others to the MNO Affiliate program. The MNO Marketplace features over 3200 merchant partners representing over 300 million products. But that’s not all, MyNetworkOne has also partnered with the top daily deal sites like Groupon, Living Social and Buy.com just to name a few. So if you know anyone who buys online why would they not buy from you?

MNO is Different!

  • Programs specific for CONSUMERS helping them shop, save and earn!

  • A variety of MNO Products dedicated to help consumers and businesses meet their needs.

  • Our affiliates have an unlimited supply of free savings memberships to give away.

  • Referral Cash! Free members can earn referral cash by sharing your marketplace with others helping you earn even more.

  • One of the largest marketplaces on the internet with more than 3200 stores and 300 million products.

  • Multiple streams of income for our AFFILIATES!

Here is just a small sample of some of or Merchant Partners. As stated earlier, we have access to thousands of the same types of products that your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and others are already purchasing. They should be purchasing from you!